Book sculpture

Explore a collection of unique book sculpture ideas that will spark your creativity and bring new life to old books. Discover how to transform pages into stunning works of art.
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31 DIY Old Page Book Ideas

Many book paper crafts can be done with old book pages. The possibilities are nearly endless, from the paper flower, and chandeliers to towel papers. This bundle of ideas is perfect for all our book lovers out there. It's fascinating to us how the pages of a book can be utilized to produce so many different things. The ideas below will undoubtedly inspire you to make some creative patterns that may be used in various locations across your home.

Ethel Allen
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Sailing the Seas

I have an Ocean Racing & Offshore Yachts book that someone gave me and had an idea to recreate a similar book sculpture I created a few years ago. I hand colored that other book sculpture with watercolors and later wished I had let it remain the natural whites of the pages. I created this piece with sculptures cut and folded from the pages in this book. Wow! It really is fun when I get going and good use for old books and old plastic drinking straws so they don't end up in the ocean! I am…

Emanuela Maragno