Blind drawing

Experience the joy of blind drawing and explore unique techniques to create art without relying on sight. Discover tips and tricks to enhance your artistic skills and create stunning masterpieces.
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Blind contour drawing Students draw 6-7 blind contour drawings of various objects, people or body parts. Various-sized boundaries are drawn around each drawing using cropping L's, activating the format (subject matter is touching at least 3 sides of the format), paying attention to the composition and focal point created in each image. 1 or 2 favorite drawings are chosen by the student and shapes are colored in using black (sharpie), white (paper), and gray (pencil). Line drawing is…

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For the past week, I’ve been making a blind contour self-portrait — drawing without looking at the page — each morning to warm up my diary. If you look at the images in order, it looks like my face is re-arranging itself. I love that. My friend Wendy MacNaughton assigns these drawings in her workshops.

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The Quotidian Journal: One-line blind contour drawings

I was invited to be the featured artist this week over at Blind Contour Friday. Below is my submission for the Friday challenge. These are really fun to do and a great way to prime the creative pump - give one a try and then on Friday add your blind contour to the submission pool. All the details can be found by CLICKING THIS BUTTON: "lamp & clock ~ blind contour" one-line #18

Scarlett Altice