Birdhouse designs

Enhance your backyard with these creative birdhouse designs that provide a cozy and stylish home for your feathered friends. Discover top ideas to attract colorful birds to your garden.
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Forget letting birds nest in cute but unsafe birdhouses! If you really want to help wild birds, provide proper nesting boxes made for specific species and do what you can to prevent birds from using other hazardous nesting locations.

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Birdhouse hole size. Best dimensions for the entrance hole size for a bird house or nestbox. Bird House Plans Free, Homemade Bird Houses, Bird Houses Ideas Diy, Bat Houses, Bird House Feeder, Bird House Plans, Birdhouse Designs, Bird House Kits, Bird Aviary

When building a birdhouse or nestbox, the hole size (entrance) is one of the most important decisions you will need to make. Do you know that the diameter of the hole determines which birds will fit into the house and which birds will leave it alone? If the entrance hole is too large you might find less desirable birds

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Winter is coming, frost and snow are a challenge to the birds that remain in the city. We can help them with some little expedient! " I was wondering where the ducks go when the Central Park lagoon got all icy and frozen?" This is what the hero of The Catcher in the Rye by Salinger, wonders about.

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