Biblical inspiration

Explore the profound wisdom and inspiration found in the Bible. Discover how these timeless teachings can bring clarity, purpose, and guidance to your life's journey.
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40 Biblical Affirmations To Strengthen Yourself In The Lord

Discover how these Biblical affirmations can build up and strengthen your faith. Each spiritual affirmation is backed by scripture verses to help you have a solid foundation in the word of God.

Debby Williams
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Two Religions That Are Actually Pseudo Christian

Some religions are "pseudo Christian," meaning they change biblical truths about Christ and God. For example, Mormons and Jehovah's Witnesses claim to be Christian, but there are some problems with their core beliefs.

Dianne Petersen
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50 Biblical Affirmations That Will Change Your Life - GABBYABIGAILL

Are you the type of person who always finds themselves typing "positive affirmations" in a search bar? Perhaps, you're trying to be more intentional with your thoughts and words. Or you're looking for powerful phrases that can drastically transform your life. Or simply, you enjoy repeating positive affirmations to help you overcome negative thoughts. While

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Bible verses for when everything feels uncertain

It feels hardest to find faith when facing the unknown. Here are some Bible verses and tips for when things are up in the air.

Jenn Schultz | Biblical Truth & Authentic Faith