Explore a variety of delicious and colorful Bibimbap recipes that you can easily make at home. Discover the perfect combination of flavors and textures in this traditional Korean dish.
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We are obsessed with Bibimbap and this recipe is one of my favorite to make for a small intimate gathering of friends and family. You prep everything in advance, cook last minute and everyone builds their own bowl. It's a fun recipe to make. There's so much to say about this recipe, firstly the focus

Stephanie Tanck
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Recipe VIDEO above. One of Korea's most famous food exports! The key here is the Bibimbap Sauce - feel free to switch the veg and meat, whatever you use is going to be amazing once mixed up with that Sauce. There's a lot of components here but there's repeat ingredients and it's an easy recipe - and it's MEANT to be served at room temp so don't rush!

Ayanna Trinh

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