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Transform your bedroom with Indian-inspired decor and design. Discover top ideas to infuse vibrant colors, intricate patterns, and cultural elements to create a serene and stylish space.
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Discover the allure of simple Indian bedroom interior design ideas that merge minimalist principles with the richness of Indian culture. Learn how to create serene, comfortable spaces that combine modern elements and traditional Indian aesthetics.

Kash Patel
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During their search for someone to bring their ideas to life, they were introduced to Livspace and our designer, Niharika Tewari. They pictured a cosy home with warm hues of brown that was also modern and smart in space management. Niharika also visited their family home for a bit of inspiration. Keeping their preferences in mind, she set out to design their new abode.

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With creamy white walls and an open arrangement in the floor plan, the home of Aninda and Mayank in Delhi, is an enviable balance of tranquility and décor drama at play. Working with an overall white color palette, accomplishes a designer feel and brings about a relaxed, sophisticated vibe. The couple has expertly used pops of color in the home to bring in the much needed contrast, visual interest and happy vibes. Mayank is an investment professional while Aninda is a multidisciplinary…

Sruthi Singh