Bearnaise sauce

Elevate your dishes with mouthwatering Bearnaise sauce. Explore our collection of gourmet recipes to create a culinary masterpiece that will impress your guests.
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Creamy, rich Bearnaise sauce is only a few steps away with this Easy Bearnaise Sauce Recipe! This tangy and delicious sauce has a history of being hard to make, but I promise with this easy recipe you'll have a luxurious Bearnaise sauce for steak, chicken, lamb, or even your favorite roasted vegetables- with only six ingredients!

Tasha Harmon
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Recipe video above. The nice thing about this Béarnaise Sauce? It's so fast, you can make it while the steak is resting. No one will know you didn't whisk it by hand. And you know it will work every single time – because it's foolproof. Not even the most seasoned chefs can say that about hand-whisking!Serve over steak or pan seared salmon for a fine dining restaurant experience at home.Makes enough to (very) generously sauce 3 large steaks, or 4 sensible portions.

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