Bathtub shelf

Enhance your bathing routine with a bathtub shelf. Discover creative ideas to keep your bath essentials within reach and create a soothing atmosphere for a relaxing soak.
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Who is this Bathtub Shelf DIY & Easy Bathtub Pillow DIY for? All of us! We all need to be intentional about recharging those batteries. The bathtub is a good place for quality self care time. This bathtub tray & soft bathtub pillow will take your regular bath experience to spa-like levels. Relax in the

Shanna Barker
DIY bathtub shelf.  So easy a caveman could do it! Wooden Bathroom, Plank, Madera, Tub Ideas, Arredamento, Bathtub Table, Bathtub Tray, Inredning, Bath Tray

Yikes! Another late post. In my defense, we are just coming off of our Fall break and today has been "cray-cray" trying to get caught up and all. Only a few extra days off and I feel like I'm having to completely readjust to a new routine. But, we all survived. No one was late to school although some of the kiddos may have had a major case of "bed head". Oh well! I even managed to produce a meal at dinner time even if it did come from a box...and no, it wasn't cereal. Today I decided I…

Sara Spellman