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Found this item while browsing for a gift at our local Target store. We were totally floored that Barbie has moved up to a Volvo. This toy is also available on for $19.99. Comes complete with overnight luggage and baby seats. Amazing....

Patita Polola
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​Barbie furniture and décor packs bring stories to life with a set of adorable storytelling pieces! They are perfect for use in a Barbie doll house. Doll and house not included. ​Kids can help Barbie get ready! This accessory pack includes a piece of furniture and assorted décor items to encourage house play and get imaginations rolling. ​Whether Barbie is having a chill day or headed to a fancy night out, a little self-care is always in order! Sit her in front of the mirror on her textured…

Lori Barbour
Licca Vanity & Re-Ment Cosmetics | by Chiriesz Barbie, Barbie Sets, Barbie Accessories, The Cosmetics, Barbie Stuff, Barbie Doll Accessories, Barbie House, Barbie Doll House, Minis

Just received both my Re-Ment cosmetics set and the Licca-chan vanity yesterday and spent this morning getting everything arranged! I love it all sooo much!! ♥ I used white poster tack to adhere the cosmetics to the vanity so I don't have to worry about all the little pieces rolling away and getting lost. I love the amount of detail in the cosmetics and they just look so pretty on this girly vanity. ♥

Melissa Caruso
Barbie's diary is an object in The Barbie Diaries. Barbie receives it from Stephanie who works...

Barbie's Diary is an object in The Barbie Diaries. Barbie receives it from Stephanie who works in the mall, alongside a charm bracelet. The diary can be only be opened if one of the charms on the bracelet is waved over the lock. The diary is magical, so when Barbie writes something she wants in it, it comes true. Barbie's diary is light pink and fuchsia toned with black-outlined butterflies, flowers and hearts, with some filled black and some flowers coloured light pink and pink edges and…