Bake sale packaging

Make your bake sale stand out with these creative packaging ideas. From cute boxes to personalized labels, discover how to make your treats irresistibly packaged.
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Wow, what a weekend! The San Francisco Bloggers’ Bake Sale in support of Share Our Strength raised $1650! Gaby, the national organizer, has reported that the grand total raised by 23 food blogger bake sales around the country was $16,500 – meaning SF raised 10% of the total!! I am so proud of my team […]

Heather Calzada
If you want to sell out at your next school or sports fundraiser, then try these unique bake sale wrapping ideas!!….We are going to use idea #3 to raise money for our club's next sales event. I love the exact ribbons + creative packages she mentioned! #bakesale #fundraiser #cookies #pta Fundraiser Bake Sale, Bake Sale Treats, Easy Bake Sale Ideas, Bake Sale Packaging, Bake Sale Cookies, Bake Sale Desserts, Bake Sale Recipes, Bake Sale, Diy Cookie Packaging

Every time I need to provide bake sale treats, I always bake the same old boring chocolate chip cookies. It's like my creative side goes dormant when I need it most! I decided it would be a good idea to preserve a list of go-to bake sale ideas on the blog so I can reference it whenever I need to make something to sell. I'm thinking a good selection of cookies, cakes, and cupcakes that I can portion individually are in order. *I found even more ideas to recommend on top of the 25. I'll add…

My youngest realllly wants to do another summer bake sale. I don’t know when or if I can do all the work involved, but I’m gonna try! (They’re only young once—and he’s my last—so I’m holding fast…) These were from last summer’s bake sale. I love mini cakes! They’re soooo much better, easier, and cleaner than cupcakes. What would you like to see in my bake sale this summer? #bakesale #minicakes #lunchboxcakes #minicake #cookies #brownies #momof5 #bakestagram #oreocake #fruitcake #oreobuttercrea Crafts, Mini Desserts, Dessert, Bake Sale Treats, Bake Sale Desserts, Bake Sale Cookies, Bake Sale Ideas, Bake Sale, Easy Bake Sale Ideas

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Does anyone have a kid who goes to a school where there are bake sales as a fundraiser? Cue every mom in America tossing their hands up! After years of bake sale guilt where I spent hours trying to perfect cookie recipes to send to school, I finally had an epiphany: You can charge way more for your baked goods if they have a 'gourmet' element to them. That can come in the form of ingredients - or better yet - packaging! How Do You Package Items for a Bake Sale? How you package up your bake…