Backyard aquaponics

Discover how to create a sustainable garden with backyard aquaponics. Learn about the benefits of this innovative gardening method and start growing your own fresh produce today.
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Starting my own DIY aquaponics system was a game changer for me. I always liked the idea of growing my own food, but I didn’t have much space or a green thumb. Learning about aquaponics was like finding a treasure. It's a way to grow plants and fish together in one system. The fish waste provides nutrients for the plants, and the plants help keep the water clean for the fish. At first, the thought of setting it all up seemed daunting. I worried about getting the balance right between the…

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For example “Nation’s Largest Indoor Vertical Farm, Opens In Chicago Area” (The Huffington Post) or “First Vertical Farm Opens in Singapore” ( And with the vivid images of lush, green basil plants and bok choy growing up to the sky, it’s easy to see why these futuristic farms are

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Florafelt Pro System Aquaponics - System Overview - The system is based on aquaponic growing methods that use live fish that create waste to be used as fertilizer for the plants. Water is circulated over a growing medium that supports roots and plant materials. Plants absorb the nutrients from the fish and produce purified water that is returned to the fish tank. The ‘closed loop’ system is water efficient and can provide food sources from both the fish and plants. Gardening, Indore, Design, Layout, Aquaponics Greenhouse, Aquaponic Gardening, Indoor Aquaponics, Aquaponics Diy, Aquaponics Plants

Vertical Vegetable Aquaponics Florafelt Pro System aquaponic test garden growing lettuce from seed in Sonoma, California. What is Aquaponics? Aquaponics is a way to grow vegetables using water circulated from fish tanks. This ‘closed loop’ system is water efficient and can provide multiple food sources from both the fish and plants. Florafelt Pro System aquaponic...

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