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Can we take a minute and look at Hawkeye cause he looks like a Disney princess and then we have Coulson being a fan girl of course Ms. Marvel, The Avengers, Film Marvel, Avengers Fan Art, Anime Karakterek, Meme Comics, Pahlawan Marvel, Avengers Marvel, Bruce Banner

The Avengers Diaries - Tony Stark's Diary

What happens when the Avengers Team starts keeping their own diaries? Gossip, secrets, drama??! Welppp! The only way you're going to find out is by clicking the "start reading" button! Trust me, there will be a lot of drama! Like A LOT of drama! :) DISCLAIMER: I own none of these characters (although I wish I do..hehe) All credit goes to Stan Lee who created these awesome and sexy characters and Marvel. I DO NOT OWN THE BOOK COVER AS WELL :)

Rachel Griffin
Peter Parker Oneshots (My Own) - A/N:Fanart - Wattpad Drawing Marvel, Avengers Fan Art, Marvel Fanart, Marvel Drawings, Arte Dc Comics, Marvel Fan Art, Spiderman Homecoming, Dc Memes, Loki Marvel

Peter Parker Oneshots (My Own) - A/N:Fanart

This is a series of oneshots. Unlike my other oneshots series, these are all written by me and will not only be about field trips. I take requests and would love your ideas! Please do not repost any of these :) P.S. some of these kind of suck so I'm going to maybe edit some over time. Also, obviously, I do not own Spider-Man/Avengers they belong to Sony and Marvel.

Noah Forgetta