Asha parekh

Explore the life and career of Asha Parekh, one of Bollywood's most iconic actresses. Discover her unforgettable performances and timeless beauty that captivated audiences for decades.
Asha Parekh Talks About Her Journey As A Never-Married 77-Year-Old | Verve Magazine Portrait, Bollywood, Instagram, People, Asha Parekh, Indian Film Actress, Indian Heroine, Indian Celebrities, H.e.r.

At a time when unmarried women were the exception, ’60s superstar Asha Parekh defied the norm and rejected a long list of suitors. Bollywood history rookie and the soon-to-wed Sadaf Shaikh reconciles her 21st-century feminist ideology with the still-single actor’s understated iconoclasm as their conversation elides the 50 years between them. . .