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Stephen Mackey: 'While You Sleep' @ Arcadia Contemporary

Contemporary British artist Stephen Mackey brings a surreal romanticism to the modern world like no other, and this Saturday 14th December, you are invited to join in with the celebrations for his debut solo show at Arcadia Contemporary. His unmistakable works are a confection for the eyes, merging the charismatic and the macabre in delicate harmony. Enjoy the ostentatious? Prepare to revel in his display of females with rich, red lips, surrounded by extravagant layers of velvet curtains and…

tiny dreams
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Ymeene, also known as Miss Goshawk, is the first known ymbryne to have used her abilities to protect peculiars from normals. She is also the reason why there are so many rules for the way that peculiars must behave in loops. She is credited with founding the first Council of Ymbrynes and Ymbryne Academy. Her story is one of the few tales in Tales of the Peculiar that has thorough historical authenticity. Ymeene was born into a family of goshawks, and had the ability to transform into a…

Rolly-Polly Ren
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Patricia Perrier-Radix, 1962 | Abstract figurative painter

Patricia Perrier-Radix was born in a small village located in the Monts du Lyonnais called Yzeron. As a gifted, self-educated woman, she had been drawing with passion for ages. Now thanks to her very distinct style, she mostly paints very contemporary - sometimes even abstract - figurative compositions with oil paints shaped by palette knives.

Annette Bode

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