Art room

Transform your art room into a space that sparks creativity and imagination. Explore top ideas to organize your supplies, set up a comfortable workspace, and showcase your artwork.
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As practicing artists, the time we spend creating our craft and the environment where we do it are two of the most important factors that can directly affect our work. In this article, we will discuss how you can effectively manage your time for art, and how you can build your own art studio setup that will inspire, motivate, and most importantly - equip you to create. Why you need time management and organization Cliche as it may sound, the popular saying is true: An organised space means…

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An Argentinian cousin of my fathers once said to me - you do not choose a house - it chooses you. And I have to say she was totally right. Having moved rather a lot since leaving my home in NZ in my early twenties I have found that some houses gracefully accept you, others grab

Ivy Vee