Arranging furniture

Discover creative tips and tricks for arranging furniture in your space to maximize functionality and create a stylish and inviting atmosphere. Get inspired and transform your living area today.
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The TV is a staple for a living room, but obstacles might make it difficult to arrange the space comfortably. Your TV should be easy to view, without losing the flow of the room. The best way to arrange living room furniture with a TV is to select the focal point, the main purpose of […]

Katie Walewski
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Small living rooms can be a P.I.T.A. Especially long narrow ones. It often feels like you’re playing Tetris; trying to maneuver a beefy couch next to a an even beefier chair. You lug and push until you’re too exhausted to care and you just leave your furniture any old way to avoid more stress. After a couple of weeks of “living with it,” you look at it and you know there’s a better way to arrange it so, on you go again, lugging and pushing, micro-positioning and tweaking angles…

Ginnie Jensen