Ancient artefacts

Delve into the world of ancient artefacts and discover the rich history they hold. From ancient civilizations to archaeological wonders, explore our top picks and embark on a journey through time.
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Egyptian Pottery

Egyptian Black Pot National Museum of Natural History Wahington DC Glazed Faience Pottery Vessel Roman Period Egypt Rosicrucian Egyptian Museum in San Jose, California. History Of Egyptian Pottery : The ancient Egyptians were gifted artisans and pottery was an art where they excelled. Egypt in the pre dynastic period produced pottery of very high quality. Egypt made pottery before building the Pyramids. This is evident from the presence of older hieroglyphic writing with characters which…

GH Cameron
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Ancient Art as Inspiration

I have long been a fan of ancient art. I love the textures, the forms, the depth of history. I am sharing here a brief visual tour of a few examples, along with recent work inspired by these and other ancient forms... "DOGU", discovered in remains of Aomori. Jomon-era. BC.3,500 - BC.2,500. Aomori Japan. Female-effigy ceramic burial urn, Northern Andes, Columbia, South America, 1,000–1,500 AD. 23 x 40" in circumference Predating Stonehenge by 6,000 years, Turkey’s stunning Gobekli Tepe upends…