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(SELECT REFRESH TO RE-START SLIDE-SHOWS) Ninurta, Texts: (A MUST READ! – UNALTERED – EYE OPENING!) (gods in blue … mixed-breed demigods in teal) Ninurta Overview (A MUST READ! ***) (Enlil's & his 1/2 Sister Ninhursag's Son & Royal Heir to Anu's Throne Following Enlil) Ninurta by Wikipedia (ALSO SEE ZECHARIA SITCHIN'S MANY BOOKS ON THIS

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A few weeks ago, astronomers announced that in 2022 something truly spectacular is to occur: a new star will appear in the heavens. It will be the first such event visible with the naked eye for over 400 years. Created by the collision of two relatively dim stars, the resultant explosion is known as a “boom star.”

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