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Explore unique altered art techniques and ideas to transform ordinary objects into extraordinary works of art. Get inspired to create your own masterpieces with these creative ideas.
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Dream Keeper🦉✨🌝🌟🍄 - Everything is decorated with paper, wood, acrylic paint, clay and metal parts. - Everything is coated with water based acrylic varnish. - Everything in the box is glued. - Cleaning with a dry cloth or dust brush. - Measurements - Height 15,5 cm ( 6.1 inches ) Width 12 cm ( 4.7 inches ) Depth 3 cm ( 1.2 inches )

Liz O'sullivan
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Dave Pollot (previously here and here) is a US painter who brings new life to old and forgotten art. He buys thrift store paintings and perfectly "enhances" them with pop culture symbols, giving a cool, nerdy spin to what's dusting away inside cracked frames.

Marion Baresel
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We know how much you love art, illustrations, and paintings, dear Pandas, so we’ve got a treat in store for you today. Say hello to the ‘Repaintings’ subreddit where people from all over the internet share their imaginative creations.

Pamela Anne Davis