Aging terra cotta pots

Transform your garden with the timeless beauty of aging terra cotta pots. Discover top ideas to add rustic charm and character to your outdoor space.

Have you ever wanted to make something look like it's been around for ages, even though you just picked it up new from the store? I've been wanting to try to "age" terra cotta pots for quite some time. When I found lots of terra cotta pots at the 99cent store for a dollar each,

Nancy Andersen
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Don't you just love pottery that looks weathered or aged. Terra-Cotta, as it is, can be relatively inexpensive, but it is very "orange-y" in color. I like the more muted tones and the aged look of Terra-Cotta without paying a fortune for it at a boutique. I heard about this technique for instantly aging

Amy Lyon
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