Abandoned property

Uncover the intriguing stories behind abandoned properties and the hidden treasures they may hold. Discover top ideas for exploring and documenting these forgotten places.
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How to Find & Purchase Abandoned Properties

An abandoned property is no longer under the possession and maintenance of its original owner. Abandoned properties are typically in bad shape and pose a public health and security risk. In addition, the property is usually subject to liens such as outstanding tax or mortgage payments. The process of acquiring one is ...

Emilia Esposito
ABANDONED: Rockefeller Mansion - The Old House Life Fox Hunting, Ruins, Polo Field, Fork In The Road, Abandoned Property, Fallen Tree, Camp David, Fort Bragg, Bird Hunting

ABANDONED: Rockefeller Mansion

Back in 2015 I decided to go on a little adventure, find the abandoned Rockefeller Mansion in Fort Bragg. And quite the adventure it was! We knew going in that it was on military property, but we were assured by several people in the military that we would be okay. A man stationed at Fort Bragg texted me the directions. We got lost twice back in the woods. The directions went something like this, turn on dirt road at electrical box. At fork in the road, turn right. Turn left at fallen tree…

Kathy J
A 156-Year-Old Victorian Mansion Sits Abandoned in Ohio - Architectural Afterlife Old Victorian Homes Abandoned Mansions, Old Mansion Aesthetic, Country Victorian Homes, Gothic Victorian Homes, Victorian Gothic House, Old Victorian Mansions, Gothic Victorian House, Abandoned Ohio, Mansion Aesthetic

A 156-Year-Old Victorian Mansion Sits Abandoned in Ohio - Architectural Afterlife

The Markey Mansion, as it’s known today, was built in the Gothic revival style. However, there’s a bit more to this home other than it being a beautiful relic of the Victorian era.

Megan McGuire