80s house interior

Step back in time with these retro 80s house interior design ideas. Transform your home into a nostalgic haven with vibrant colors, geometric patterns, and iconic decor from the 80s.
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The toilet and light switch may appear ordinary to most folks, but if you’ve grown up in a commune for most of your life, those household necessities can seem like a novelty. At least that’s what happens when Rainbow “Bow” Johnson’s little brother, Johan, first discovers these everyday amenities in their new suburban home on ABC’s new sitcom, “Mixed-ish,” airing Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


//WE MET IN THE CROWD CRAWLING TO THE WAY OUT//1980's vision of the 40's and everything that caught my senses in between Punk, New Wave and the End of Everything//COSMIC TAILORING-POWER DRESSING https://www.instagram.com/mothersuperiorus/

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