75 hard challenge rules

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The 75 Hard Challenge Rules

1. Drink a gallon of water 
2. Follow a diet of your choice
3. No cheat meals or alcohol 
4. Read 10 pages of non-fiction book. Audiobooks Excluded.
5. Exercise twice daily for 45 minutes each time, with one session outdoors.
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The 75 Hard Challenge Rules(and variations)

Transform your life with the 75 Hard Challenge! Dive into the six life-changing rules and discover the power of resilience and discipline. Are you ready to take on the challenge? #75Hard #ChallengeAccepted

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Free 75 Hard Challenge Tracker Printable: Your Key to Success | 75 Hard Challenge Rules

Stay organized and motivated during the 75 Hard Challenge with my free 75 Hard Challenge tracker printable. This essential tool allows you to easily monitor your daily tasks, track your progress, and stay committed to mental toughness. Grab your free download now and embark on this life-changing challenge! Stay accountable, stick to the rules, and achieve your goals effortlessly with these 75 Hard Challenge tracker free printables. Don't wait—grab your copy today!

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75 Hard Challenge Template

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The 75 Medium Challenge: Rules and FREE Downloadable Checklist Tracker! - The Regular Folks

Today I am starting the 75 Medium challenge for wellness and to restart after the holidays! If you have ever heard of the 75 Hard challenge on TikTok or Instagram, it is that idea, with my own rules altering it to be more realistic for myself :) I have a toddler whom I stay at

Jenna Budde
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The 75 Hard Challenge + Free Tracker

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. Please consult your physician before embarking on this challenge. This is strictly my opinion and experience. There I was in my dark living room with a cup of coffee. I had already woken up later than I wanted to and my eyes were HEAVY. I looked at m

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Why You Should NOT Complete the 75 Hard Challenge - Laura Live Well

The 75 hard challenge is a mental toughness program that when used as a diet can have negative effects. Have you heard of the 75 hard? While scrolling on social media you may see people attempting the 75 hard challenge. The 75 hard challenge is 75 days following a diet (no cheats allowed), no alcohol,

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