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I realized yesterday that there are many garments I've never posted. Even some that I had shown or talked about progress with! I'm still in the process of taking pictures of everything I've made, so here are a few different styles of jackets that I've created over the last three years: Caraco Jacket, based on this original in the V&A. The fabric is a cotton chintz from the Williamsburg collection that came out a few years ago. My biggest issue was the unusual shape of this garment. It was…

Susan Choquette
The Sewing Goatherd: Cardboard 18th Century Stays

I have just over a month to make an 18th century ensemble for myself. There's a Rococo picnic I want to attend happening at the end of April. At this moment, I have nothing quite acceptable to wear. My 18th century wardrobe currently consists of a shift, an under petticoat, a pair of shoes, and a white linen cap (not yet blogged). A few more layers are required for me to be a properly dressed Rococo lady. The stays I've been procrastinating on for well over a year? Yeah, those have got to…

Bridget Clancy
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With our guild's upcoming 18th C Picnic in Balboa Park this coming Saturday I finally kicked myself in the butt last month to replace my earlier red floral linen caraco that was too short-waisted for me. Every time I raised my arms or stood up from a chair, there was a gap between the jacket and the skirt. I actually tried to find some more of the linen to remake one but had no luck since I bought it about 5 years ago. I had lucked out buying this fabric while at Michael Levine's in the LA…

Elizabeth Julia