1890s fashion

Step back in time with these 1890s fashion ideas that are perfect for modern-day style. Explore top trends from this iconic era and add a touch of vintage elegance to your wardrobe.
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A ‘tool to empower’: The evolution of women’s sportswear | CNN

Before the advent of designer activewear, women’s sportswear ranked low on the list of fashion priorities. But a new exhibition demonstrates that sporting attire has long been a valuable tool for self-expression and an important path towards greater liberation.

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Rosalind Lutece

“When I was a girl, I dreamt of standing in a room looking at a girl who was and was not myself, who stood looking at another girl, who also was and was not myself. My mother took this for a nightmare. I saw it as the beginning of a career in physics.” ― Rosalind Lutece[src] Rosalind Lutece is a quantum physicist in BioShock Infinite, who wrote books about scientific studies on alternate universes. She and her "twin brother" Robert guide Booker DeWitt through his adventures in Columbia to…

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