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Wolf & Horse  Temporary tattoo by WildLifeDream on Etsy, €2.00

Wolf & Horse Temporary tattoo by WildLifeDream on Etsy, : my Zeke and Rowdy :)

feather with a horse

feather with a horse- this was actually designed by my good friend and tattoo artist (and name category) Eve Bevill

Dreamcatcher Tattoos. this is beautiful, i thought of getting one once

tree of life dream catcher could put little birds for each of the 3 kids in the color of their birthstone.they would represent the beads of the dream catcher.upper arm and shoulder maybe left side of waist

Tribal wolf dreamcatcher tattoo design I did for a friend. Lacey Rose.

Someone wanted a tattoo commission of a dreamcatcher with a wolf howling inside on her hip. This is the sketch I& come up with.

Tribal Wolf Dream catcher

Tribal Wolf Dream catcher I am in love with this tattoo. Most definitely getting it. Have been trying 2 find the perfect wolf tattoo and I also wanted a dream catcher ❤

Wolf Tattoo Design Art Model. This tattoo can be a source of inspiration to you.

Use this feather for the black accents and replace the running wolves with the running horse silhouettes

Through the stormy days, the dark horse continued to create a path back into the sunlight. He was unstoppable - unwavering In his pursuit of his God-given destiny.

Beautiful black horse in the snow. Reminds me of stories Mom has told me of the big black hunter she used to harness to a cutter to drive in the winter in upstate New York as a girl.