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How to make a Christmas tree out of jewelry? - Learning to do everything yourself

NOTE: page is in Russian. Not a tutorial, but includes beautiful examples of Christmas trees made from old jewelry.

Vintage jewelry mirror... LOVE!

Retro Vintage DIY project for unique home decor. Collect old cheap novelty and costume jewelry from thrift stores and glue to mirror frame. Wanna add lights to it.


we should this with grandmas old jewelry and put her pic in it .an old frame and some old or broken jewellry. This could be done by adults or kids alike. Shells, buttons or other interesting bits can also be added

DIY mini photo magnets - cute!

Perfect Party Favor with picture of bride & groom [DIY mini magnets! Make the pic a Polaroid in photo shop and shrink to size. Print it off. Cut it out. Glue to mounting/card board. Attach magnet to back (:]