Typography - Project 2

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the letters and numbers are drawn in chalk on a black background, with white lines
Razor Free Font
Cool geometric sans serif that uses multiple lines.
a book with the title craft to learn written in orange, green and black letters
Craft so Hard to Learn book cover
Geometric sans-serif typography
an alphabet made up of different shapes and sizes
Mozaïek Images, Stock Photos & Vectors
creative geometric sans serif font.
a map with the name paul renner on it and an arrow pointing to the left
Futara was one of the first geometric sans serif fonts ever designed.
the different font styles for each type of logo
Sans-serif typography examples
the font and numbers are all green in this type of typogramic design
SIMPLIFICA Typeface | Free
simple sans-serif typography.
a black and white poster with the words i couldn't ken less on it
Bitcoin Plinko: The Perfect Blend of Nostalgia and Innovation
Bad Kerning on purpose.
a red and green christmas ornament with the words have a magical holiday written on it
This is bad Kerning. It makes me want to say magical with little gaps between the letters.
a car parked in front of a store with the words megafucks on it
America's Only Humor Site | Cracked.com
BAD Kerning! meant to be Megaflicks :D
the cover of an album with white text on pink background
italics Serif Capital letter typography.
there is a surfboard behind the glass
Main words (Surf Club) are a san serif script in italics.
an old type of font that is black and white with letters in the upper right corner
Geometric Sans Serif Capital Letter typography.
the letters are made up of different colors and shapes, including black, blue, green, and yellow
Allan Peters
Capital letter typography, sans serif. Hard to read, however may make more sense in a word. Interesting concept
an eye chart with the words d and cer in it
capital letter typography with slab serif.
the font and numbers are all different colors
Capital letter typograhy with large serifs and wide stems.