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“Tattoo Roulette w/ One Direction” The only moment when I suffered anxiety on such an extreme level that I would have died any second that time

I want to do these but someone would probably call the cops. And the Windex one…

I would only do the Gatorade Windex thing, the others I'm afraid someone would call the police or security. oh well, yolo! Then I'd fill a mayo jar with vanilla pudding and eat it in public.

I could look at this gif. All day <3 I love that smile :)

Niall is literally GLOWING! And look at his earpiece awwwww!

ohmygod my heart just melted<<< Oh my goodness I love this…

Most beautiful thing I've seen in my life is at a one direction concert during little things :) We shine brighter then the bloody sun, hell yeah