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27 Ways To Promote Intrinsic Motivation In The Classroom! Motivation keeps the engagement levels high!

Author's Purpose

PIE: Author's Purpose (P= Persuade; I = Inform; E = Entertain) (It bugs me that this picture doesn't show it in PIE order! I think the pictures are great for helping students understand the purpose.

Great anchor chart!

What a wonderful mini-lesson for RW! Author's Purpose: Easy as P. Persuade, Inform, & Entertain: Author's Purpose: Easy as P.

Root words anchor chart

Love this chart for fifth grade using Greek and Latin roots in word work! I keep seeing this type of question on the MAP for my high schoolers."using your knowledge of Latin root words.

Prefix And Suffix Anchor Charts

Prefix-Root/Base-Suffix classroom chart Common fourth grade affixes. Switch around, pencil point prefixes