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the twilight saga movie scene with robert pattis and lily - elizabeth in between two scenes
Twilight Dirty Jokes, Inappropriate Memes, Pictures
Twilight Funny Meme
two texts that say dad, what is better to pass or to fail?
The "Yay I Passed".
The “Yay I Passed”. | 21 Tricks That Took Phone Pranking To A Whole New Level
an animated scene with the caption after finishing a series people in random we're killed me
Facebook | Error
Every time. Every. Time.
the text is written in black and white on a black background, with small dots
Learn Online DUDE!
So so true!
a piece of paper with some writing on it that says, my teacher put this on a test
The Internet's Most Asked Questions
Can I have this teacher?
an anime scene with two people in suits and one is holding his hand out to the other
Ao Haru Ride...This part almost killed me. The face of the brother, Futaba and Kou are the best!!!
two soda bottles are sitting on the sidewalk
I WANT THESE SO BAD!!!!!!!! If I got at least one of these I would be OK with the fact they don't have a Zoe
a boy sitting on the floor with his head down and looking at something in front of him
Go Cry Emo Kid - page 5
two anime characters with the caption's in english and spanish
You do not mess with L or Erza when they want their cake. Haha
a comic strip with the words, who are we? and what do we want?
a man sitting on top of a couch in front of a tv screen with the caption
No idea what this is from, but i thought it was funny
an image of a classroom with the words teaching in blue and white letters on it
an anime character with the words damn that last one
Let me just note that I don't want to date myself! XD