Rebecca Holwerda

Rebecca Holwerda

Rebecca Holwerda
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When the darknes in us, becomes our mask. and eveything behind this mask slowly dies. In the end, it can become our true face and everything what was good inside of us vanish. only small splinter remain.

Łukasz Poślad - Infanticide

Łukasz Poślad - Infanticide- deeply disturbing in so many ways. In ritual abuse victims must take vows to never speak of the cult for fear of death or torture. One of the most disturbing things you could ever see.

Many abuse survivors feel like this until they talk about it.

I love how this shows feeling trapped inside my own head and a broken smile on the outside. inspiration for my "tip of the iceberg" tattoo Mais

Gave Shadow Demon Eyes by ~PreciousNothin on deviantART

Grave Shadow Demon Eyes by ~PreciousNothin on deviantART

By Guy Denning

Power-Full and Stunning Painting: 'Spartan Woman' by Guy Denning