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Quilling card - flowers ( 9 cm - 20 cm )

Neli is a talented quilling artist from Bulgaria. Her unique quilling cards bring joy to people around the world.

I ❤ crazy quilting . . . Sharon B. Pintangle  diamondCQ-iris-600

Crazy Quilting by Sharon Boggon. OK, now I KNOW I've been UNDER-embelishing my quilt. It's about done tho', so I'm not gonna change it up!

Took a class this weekend at Mercury Mosaic's in Minneapolis.  I've never worked with clay tiles before, it was very different from stained glass.  Lots of fun! This was also the first time I smeared glue over a large area and transferred my tiles.  A lot of my original design got lost towards the end and I was just sticking stuff where ever it fit.  I much prefer gluing each piece individually.

Polymer and Mosaics - geometric shapes with pattern texture - this could work with a limited color pallet - also need to control thickness - it would be great if they could each make their own pattern stamp (bottom of shoe possibility)