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We all have those days when this is the only reaction we have

I have included some very cute baby pictures in my post. I am sure after watching these cute pictures, you would want to have a baby in your home soon.

No one deserves our tears .. yet we cry  for the mean words no matter how strong we are

It’s inevitable. Like every year, this is going to be a year where relationship struggle will not be absent. While we are here on earth, it will not be heaven, which also means that there will be n…

Life is shit

Lol no need to get mad i just dont go! Love having a job i can go and come as i please. It allows me to be there for my children anytime.

When nothing makes sense any more

There are three hard things that come with making mistakes.

Juat thinking

I don't why worry so much. I guess I care too much. I worry about everybody. I have my enemies, though I don't know what I did. I worry about them too, but not as much as my family, and friends.

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