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the text reads, that major sleep disorder you have called reading
a quote from stephen hawking that reads quiet people have the loudest minds,
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a man in an old fashioned costume with the caption me after passing this school year known
like im being so fr too😭
the only thing i looked forward to this school year was going to 2nd period and reading percy jackson😭😭
an image of monsters with the caption saying, having the tv volume as an odd number having the volume as an even number having the tv volume as a multiple as a
a blue and black quote with the words, that moment when you are having a conversation in your head and you relize you are making faces that go along with the silent conversation
Bahaha guilty
i did everyone's pinterest addition start from trying to find a wallpaper
#whisper #pintrest #addicted #addiction #random #relatable
a woman holding up her hand with the words me when my hair isn't having when i need it to hair
not mine credit to owner