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a piece of paper that has been cut into squares
Ania Warzkowicz Ambiguous Documents http://www.aniawawrzkowicz.com/filter/art/Ambiguous-Documents
three different types of wooden furniture in various positions and sizes, including one with a curved seat
Eve Geldim 3 Tane Design by http://freefacebookcovers.net
an image of three people holding strings with one person's hand and the other man's head
Multiple Personality Disorder Explained
multiple personality disorder symptoms
a woman riding on the back of a horse
Embroidery and Collage. Mixed Media Textile Art, Textile artist Artist Study inge jacobsen: , Resources for Art Students , Art School Portfolio Works #CAPI #Textiles
an eyeball with music sheets surrounding it and sheet music on the bottom right hand corner
Chalk charcoal and pencil study on mixed background Eye art By hannah carlile
a painting of a woman's face with geometric shapes
layer art by Chrisknx on DeviantArt
layer art by ~Chrisknx on deviantART I used a model of a magazing and added about 5 layers below it, and just cut certain parts of the top layer and underlying layers to create different layers showing on top.
the face of a man with two different faces
although different in some ways, we have many similarities. celebrate and embrace diversity :)
an advertisement for the american dream featuring a man's head with a bird flying over it
Graphic design inspiration | #393
Graphic design inspiration Source - Cool poster by "Dave"
an image of many light bulbs hanging from the ceiling with city lights in the background
Everything You Wanted To Know About Fonts
Graphic design, a very creative idea
a drawing of a woman with long hair and an abstract pattern on her body is shown
Vintage Soviet Circus Poster, L. Modina
the poster for soul kitchen shows a woman in white dress with lines on her body
gomediazine.com -&nbspgomediazine Resources and Information.
Poster Design: 50 Excellent Inspirations | GoMediaZine #poster #design
an abstract photo with the words mum bail in white and blue, surrounded by leaves
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a collage of photos with the image of a man's face and cityscape in the background
Best Graphic Design of 2014
35 of the Best Graphic Design Pieces of 2014 | From up North