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בס"דבכל בית אותו אני מעצבת ומלבישה נשאר חלק ממני.בבית משפחת נאמן נשאר נתח גדול מליבי! מירה חדרה עמוק את דופן ליבי ואת הרקמות העדינות שלו.הם הגיעו אלי דרך הפייסבוק, מירה עקבה אחר עבודותיי והתמו…
Fonte de ideias em apê alugado | Capítulo 2 | Histórias de Casa | Histórias de Casa


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bedroom with light blue paneled walls and ceiling and traditional furniture


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a bed with two lamps and a painting on the wall
Feri and Joon
an assortment of rings sits in a blue and white box on a table next to a computer mouse
clay bathtub
an elephant planter is sitting on a table next to a green potted plant
a hand holding up a black and white vase with letters painted on the side, in front of a white background
Jacqueline de la Fuente Turns Waste Paper + Cardboard Into Sculptural Vases
a plate with a cake on top of it sitting on a table in front of a white background
plates with legs & ears
there are five different colored vases on the table together, each with a doughnut in it
Hallelujah — Our Favorite Scandinavian Art Objects Retailer is Finally Shipping to the States - Sight Unseen
a colorful vase with flowers in it sitting on a table next to other decorative items
DIY Cardboard Paper Mache Vase, PDF Template
two blue and white trays sitting on top of a wooden table next to each other
Studio Oyama Folkdräkter Plate 21.5cm - Fine Little Day
Ceramic Mirror Project
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