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No she cannot She texts Mac, Jasper, Jeremy or Marcus She would buy cucumbers Gonna skip this partShe buys a large french vanilla coffee with sugar and creamShe would every social media app ever no matter how obscure, truth or dare apps and childish game apps like HS schoolShe loves them and plays with them and they love her She would watch Judge Judy or movies that make you cringe with cringeness

This is like a things the reader won't know about your characters' sort of thing.

Phobs' blog <= cutie Sauron, no one gonna imprison u, u r sooo adorable~ :3 luv u su much

serial killer don’t want to spend the rest of his life in prison,aaaw

Ruze: Apparition - Steps by algenpfleger on deviantART

Tutorial to draw step by step with electronic programs (by algenpfleger on deviantART)