Hilldene Erasmus

Hilldene Erasmus

Hilldene Erasmus
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Darling little indoor greenhouse...

I'm not sure what this is, I just know I need it. Nightstand turned into wardian case? - cutest greenhouse ever

antique russian tea cups & saucers - Google Search

Lomonosov Singing Garden Porcelain Cobalt Blue Gold Russian USSR Tea Cup and Saucer

Ornate Teacup & Spoon ~ Attention To Detail Makes For A Stunning Soiree -ShazB

Russian Tea Glass Holders called podstakannik (Russian: подстака́нник, literally "thing under the glass"), or tea glass holder. Their primary purpose is to be able to hold a very hot glass of tea, which is usually consumed right after it is brewed.

Vintage Black tea cup and saucer Queen Anne Gold by ShoponSherman

Vintage Black tea cup and saucer, Queen Anne Gold rose teacup, English teacup, Bone china tea cup, Anniversary gift for wife