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Soul mates

"YOU" Are "MY SOULMATE", Ray Hall! Love You, with every ounce of Passion I can muster, forever and always!


Is that Michael teaching Ashton to play guitar.wow do I really need more feels in my life, this band>>>>>that pink hair


Probably the best gif ever. :')<< they have no idea how happy they make us and it hurts because most of us will never meet them and it breaks my heart to know this :')

Sounds Good Feels Good - album trailer

cakesource: “ Luke pulling Calum’s pants down ”

I want them to be them<<< u can't have wat u want all the best tym..lyf!! I just want them to be a successful band for the longest tym possible..

i want them to get All Tim Low famous, not One Direction famous. Like still amazingly well known and they get the credit they deserve, but not all the drama and shit they dont

I'm crying

awwww I'm upset now. I've never thought about this. :(((((>>> i think he has his parents cos in a twitcam they were there. Plz tell me if im wrong though>>breaks my heart>>this has broken my heart and I think my eyes are sweating