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Have fun together. ❤ Not just sex. Laughing at silly jokes, teasing each other (in a nice way) etc helps your relationship to stay vibrant, not stale. ❤

Even if you're shy. Even if you're conservative. If you're a Good Girl who feels this silent need to be just a little naughty. You're About to Learn Why the Mind Is the Only Erogenous Zone on a Man That Matters.

Don't Get Caught - Test your stealth sex abilities by seeing how far you can go getting busy outside of the bedroom without getting caught. *Put your hand on his package under the table at a restaurant, then have him reach under your skirt and pleasure you. *Corrupt your car when you're parked on a side street. *Pull him into the guest room at a party. Get it on in the bathroom of a bar, club, or restaurant. *Do him outside (park, beach, woods)

Naughty Sex Game Ideas: Don't Get Caught--test your stealth sex abilities by seeing how far you can go getting it on outside of your bedroom from restaurants to parties.

Want a great idea to aged wood instantly?  I LOVE this technique.  PLUS it seems to have an preservative quality.  This tabletop looks the same as today through all types of weather.

This was made from new wood, then distressed to look like barn wood instantly. How-to and more DIY aging wood tips: Country Design Style.

Felt raccoon  #raccoon #racoon #felt #DIY

Handmade Brooch pin Raccoon grey blach retro eye by Lovely Mariquita - Handmade…