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a closed sign in the window of a restaurant
a blue and white street sign with an arrow pointing to the right in front of some trees
Yeah nah
cows are standing on top of a grassy hill with a mountain in the background and clouds
Mount Taranaki, New Zealand
an ocean view from the top of a hill with green grass and blue water in the foreground
Cape Reinga, Northland, New Zealand, October 2007
Cape Reinga, NZ. Very top of the North Island and where 2 oceans meet
an empty road in the middle of a lush green valley with hills and trees on both sides
New Zealand
New Zealand
a large waterfall surrounded by lush green trees
See Why Whangarei Falls Is The Most Photogenic In New Zealand
Whangarei Falls, New Zealand
a map of the north island with all its towns and major roads, including cities
Oshawa Travel
New Zealand