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the interior of a house with wood floors and stone walls, along with large windows
Gallery of Brewer House / Sarah Scott Architects Ltd - 6
Brewer House in Wanaka, NZ by Sarah Scott Architects. Exposed rafters, schist wall
the inside of a house with stone walls and stairs
The Ultimate Home Decor Shopping Guide | 10Best Home Decor
A Present day Reinterpretation of a Historical Rural House in Pennsylvania
an entry way with stone walls and wooden steps leading up to a spiral staircase that leads down to the second floor
75 Staircase Ideas You'll Love - October, 2023
Lovely, elegant staircase with a rustic charm... I was looking at dozens of beautiful and elegant staircases, and this is the one that made me say, "oooohh".
a bathroom with stone walls and wooden counter tops, along with a large white sink
40 Rustic Bathroom Designs
easiest way to get a rustic bathroom is with our wood and stone panels from easy quick installation, IN love with these bathrooms
a wooden table sitting in front of a wall made of rocks and stone veneers
Country Neutral Foyer with Rock Wall
Architects George Acock and Ted Musielewicz used Oklahoma sandstone and rocks from the site to give the walls character. The 19th-century table is Spanish.
a dining room with stone walls and flooring next to a glass door that leads to an outside patio
Articles about 7 incredible dining rooms on
Hooper House II in Baltimore, Maryland / by Marcel Breuer (photo by Zubin Shroff)
a surfboard leaning against a stone wall in front of a dining room table and chairs
Rough Stone Wall Ideas
Rough Stone Wall Ideas//
an elegant staircase with chandelier and stone walls
California Home with an Old World Attitude
The turret displays arched windows and a curved stone staircase that leads up to second-story bedrooms and down to a wine cellar and tasting room. - Photo: John Granen / Design: Linda Floyd
a bathroom with a sink and stone wall
WOW!!! WOW WOW WOW. I love it. Every since I did a sandstone wall at age 15 I have wanted to do one-better. This is fanulous. I wonder if you can slice large rock thin and put on an existing concrete wall. It would be cool to do it like tiles.
a stone wall and stair case in a house with wood flooring, glass balconies and wooden handrails
Ultimate Guide To The Complete Hayward H-Series Pool Heater Range
internal feature stone walls - Google Search
a person riding a bike in a room with stone walls
Rustic Charm and Modern Flourishes Stand Side by Side at Playful Austin Home
Exposed wooden beams and stone walls shape the interior of the modern home
the hallway is lined with stone walls and wood flooring, along with a white couch
Bungalow Classic
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a wooden bench sitting in front of a door on top of a hard wood floor
Margaret - Contemporary - Entry - Austin - by Gossett Jones Homes | Houzz
contemporary entry with stone feature wall, timber flooring and modern entry door with side glass panel. Clean and uncluttered.