Melbourne / they say "be yourself", but they're the first ones to laugh when you do
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timberlands timberland black timberlands gold chain timberlands and gold chain black boots dope urban black and gold suede boots shorts

New tattoo :)

Justin Bieber Debuts New Wings Tattoo!: Photo Justin Bieber has yet another tattoo to add to his collection - this time a pair of wings, which can be seen on the back of his neck.

so deep adele can't even roll in it. (although it's still a really cute message)

Everyone should see this gif.

I officially have a new favorite gif. - The Meta Picture/guys I know this has nothing to do with anime im so sorry but I couldint help it XD -Aggressively chicken dance toward anybody who saw this-

I won't even be surprised if Laura and Ross would actually be dating because of what happened with Rydellington!

They should go on a roadtip together just like rydellington

LMAO! I really can't stop laughing!!

Ok so I’m at Whataburger and I’m eating french fries, right? Well I go to pick up my last fry and

Only in the Sims..

Funny pictures about The Sims Logic. Oh, and cool pics about The Sims Logic. Also, The Sims Logic photos.


Gotta love The Sims! plus we have a completely redesigned house, wardrobe for her. and we have 2 dogs 2 cats and a horse.