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ME!ME!ME! Warm-up by Sonellion on @DeviantArt

me me me anime

drkftr: “ Love these polycount threads so much good art. ”

ArtStation - Geisha Samurai, by Gennaro Grazioso

Ranger by DarkMechanic

Ranger by DarkMechanic on DeviantArt - sekigan

Axes_and_Halberds_by_DerangedMeowMeow.jpg (636×900)

Axes and Halberds by DerangedMeowMeow on DeviantArt

ArtStation - Rebel, Josh Norman

Resistance fighter of the future, character inspiration ArtStation - Rebel, Josh Norman


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I chose this pin because in the book people have lost limbs and had to have them replaced with robotics. This was a big problem for the Ghosts, they thought these people where demons and needed to be destroyed.

This is a drawing of Will Graham from the TV series Hannibal. Original link here:

Love this male face sketch

The idea for this guy is he repurposed armor that he collected off of a high…

ArtStation - Bob the Bounty Hunter, Brian Matyas