Hema-louise Paterson
Hema-louise Paterson
Hema-louise Paterson

Hema-louise Paterson

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Great Ideas -- 15 Ideas to Organize Your Home for 2014!

Love this! Great ideas for our weekly cleaning schedule, etc. P.S. The quote is our house motto! Love it!!!

Join in on Our 31-Day Photography Challenge and WIN!

Join in on Our 31-Day Photography Challenge and WIN!31-Day photography inspiration list for the month of May. Participants eligible to win a prize package at the end of the month.

11 Super Simple Ideas for What to Post on Instagram

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20 Style Tips On How To Wear A White T-Shirt This Winter

I love these Shoes! I want them so bad somebody buy them for me I will Love you forever! 20 bucks!

gray fashion jeans top sweater autumn clothing | I would absolutely rock this outfit with my Dusk Boba Carrier! The tank and sweater layer would be especially helpful for discreet baby nursing, the boots have a stellar low heel and I adore the wash on the jeans. Not sure about the bag, the the earrings sure our toddler-friendly! #babycarrierfashion #modernmama

7 Tips to Stay Stylish in Sweater Weather

This is just a super cute outfit and I love the boots that r with it

104 Ways to Save Extra Money (New Ideas for 2017!)

cheap toms,toms outlet,cheap toms shoes,toms cheap,toms boots,Toms Outlet! $17.95 OMG!! Holy cow, I'm gonna love this site.