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an odd looking object sitting in a bowl on the floor next to a white wall
Carbon Sugar Snake | DIY for Beginners | KiwiCo
Make a fiery black snake rise from the ground with this exciting experiment! Using simple household ingredients, learn how a burning mixture of baking soda and sugar can create a stunning carbon snake. Always be careful when conducting experiments involving fire. Be sure to only light the sand on a safe fireproof base in a well ventilated area. Keep water nearby as a precaution. Remember to tie back long hair and never leave flames unattended or unsupervised by an adult.
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The Edible Pudding Slime Recipe That Smells AMAZING! Only 3 Ingredients!
a bowl filled with whipped cream next to a bar of soap on top of a table
Expanding Ivory Soap Experiment
Awesome kids' science experiment! Make a bar of Ivory soap magically grow. Such a fun and simple science activity.
a water spouting out of the ground with text overlay that reads super easy bottle rocket launch launchings over 20 ft
Super Easy Bottle Rocket
how to make bouncy balls with simple science for kids
How to Make DIY Bouncy Balls with Simple Ingredients!
Try this simple science experiment with common household materials: Turn glue, borax and cornstarch into DIY Bouncy Balls.
someone is holding up bubbles in front of a window with the words diy unpoppable bubbles on it
DIY Unpoppable Bubbles Experiment!
gummy bear science experiment for kids with text overlay that reads gummy bear science experiment
Growing gummy bear science experiment to show osmosis - NurtureStore
a person pressing down on a piece of bread
Turn Milk into Plastic! - How Wee Learn
Turn milk into plastic with vinegar! Such a cool science experiment for kids, preschoolers and adults too
the cover of lemon volcanoes kitchen science book, with an image of a person pouring water into it
How to Make a Lemon Volcano - Exceptional Thinkers
an egg with blue speckles and the words homemade bouncy balls just 3 ingredients
DIY Bouncy Balls - Easy Tutorial to Make Super Bouncy Balls!