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a woman holding her hands to her face with the words thank you god for the roof over my head, a bed to sleep in food on my table and
Let all that you do, be done in Love.
a poem written on the beach with an image of water and sky in the background
a quote that says dear god today i give you all that i am, i'm
Heartfelt Love And Life Quotes: 10 prayers for strength during difficult times.
a poem with the words good friday prayer written in black and white, against a sunset background
7 Best Good Friday Prayers - The Graceful Chapter
a poem with the words prayer for my sister in black and white on a yellow background
a poem written in blue with the words dear lord, what comfort it is to know that
10 Prayers To Strength Faith And Blessings
Spiritual Prayers, Miracle Prayer
a black and white photo with the words dear god, today i woke up i'm
Powerful Prayer to God for every morning
a poem written in purple with the words prayer for when you can't sleep
an image of a poem with the words evening prayer written in white on brown paper