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an abstract poster with different colors and lines on it's sides, including the words in
The Cost Of Living In Every Part Of The World In One Infographic
Global Living Costs Map -- I have lived in the 2nd most expensive country in the world and the 11th lowest cost of living country! talk about contrasts!
the world's internet network is shown in this poster
Digital Nostalgia
Digital Nostalgia A set of information graphics which examine the technological changes in our lifetimes and the influences they have had on our lives. A special version of this project was comissioned for Wired magazine in Italy. You can find more details here:
an open book with black and white pages
Salt & Wood, Zine.
Layout / Salt & Wood Zine / by Oddds
a circular diagram with different types of food and wine glasses on the top of it
Wine and chips (and Netflix)
Wine and chips (and Netflix) | 17 Diagrams To Help You Get Turnt
the world's most expensive yachts infographical poster - infographia com
Alcohol and Drinks
an info board showing the different types of beer in spanish and english, as well as instructions on how to use it
Colombian beer history
Colombian beer history Infographic
an image of some sort of structure that appears to be in the shape of a spiral
Strong Odors's Store | Society6
Beer DNA Art Print
an orange and white poster with different types of equipment on it's sides, including beak
Demijhon Beer
Demijhon Beer Designed by Ifat Zexer
a beer poster with the names of different types of beers
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
For all you guys out there that think Miller and Bud Lite are the only beers around.. For shame! You have much to learn.
an array of books are stacked on top of each other in the same direction,
ようこそ ようこそ はじまりのデザイン : UMA / design farm
-- something concealing the cover? plain outside, but take off the cover jacket and its bright or something along these lines?
three business cards with yellow and black shapes
"Research Integrity" Series book cover design graphic design book jacket
three different views of the same book
designed by FBA : I drew from this an idea I have been toying with for my bookshelves. I can run book jacket blanks through my printer: white book covers add a color stripe for each genre and subject (yes, I still value my college books), for a bright and cheery re-do of what has become a cluttered mess. I really like this idea.
an open book sitting on top of a table next to a white and green cover
Congtogel - Website Slot Gacor Dan Togel Online Terpercaya Di Asia
Gorgeous vintage modern book jacket design by Jim Tierney
a diagram showing the different stages of production in france, including production and production process
A web Site Design #Infographic
the road map shows where to go and what to see
dribbble #09
Infographic styled timeline design