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two magnets are hanging on the wall next to each other with buttons in them
40 Smart Tricks To Keep Your Kids Organized
Chores chart...easy/ changeable
a white clock with four different colors on it's face sitting on a table
To show kids when it's ok to get up for the day. Red stay in bed, yellow play quietly, and green get up for the day
there are many clocks on the wall with words and numbers above them that say home
Telling Time - Math and Classroom Management Bulletin Board Idea
ThanksWhat a great idea for students to learn the class schedule and tell time! This clever teacher made the words pop using CTPs 4 Sprinkle Designer Letters! awesome pin
the inside of a colorful umbrella with lights on it's sides and an overhead light
Making a Chakra Ceiling Installation at Helfinger’s Salon, with image embedded, topic 1502523
Thread: Making a Chakra Ceiling Installation at Helfinger’s Salon (ThreadID: 1502523)
the instructions for how to install gutter guard and gutter cover with endcaps
Hanging Gutter Bookshelves & the Low-Down On the Reading Nook - Balancing Home
How to install rain Gutters as book shelf
there are books on the shelves in this children's room
bookshelf from rain gutters... i loved this the first time i saw it... then forgot about it... awesome that i have boards to stick em to now to remember :)
a pink book shelf sitting on top of a carpeted floor next to a wall
DIY Decoupage Bookcase
A Little Bolt of Life: DIY Decoupage Bookcase
a bed with pink butterflies on the headboard and lights in the shape of flowers
Shop Kids Indoor & Outdoor Toys, Games & Swings
Butterfly String Lights...Grace had these all over her room for a while and they are just wonderful!
the wall is decorated with pink and red paper butterflies on it, along with branches
30 Assorted Multi-color Butterflies, Dragonfly, Pink, Red, Paper, Wall Decor, 3D, Nursery, Baby, Wedding, Shower, Girls Room, Cardstock
Love for a little girls room!
two mirrors with clothes hanging on them in front of a pink and blue carpeted floor
Yellow Bliss Road: Princess Dressing Area (Little Girl's Room Details)
four different images of a bed with lights in the room and below it, give your bed underglow
Give Your Bed Underglow!
yes. I want to do this now. I won't be afraid of scary, hairy monster hands creeping out from underneath if it's like this.